Tech Start-Up in China

I don’t know many people who have run start-ups in both the US and China. I’m fortunate to have first-hand experience with tech/start-up spaces in both counties. Lots of people have asked me various questions about the tech/start-up ecosystem in China, which leads me to think that it might be of value for me to write a series of articles that share what I know.

Following are topics that I plan to cover. Feel free to propose other topics by adding your comments.

  • How Big Is the Tech/Start-Up Ecosystem in China?
  • 996 – Is There Any Work-Life Balance in China?
  • BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) + ByteDance – Tech-Giants in China
  • Personal Guarantee Required for Venture Debt!? Legal, Accounting, and Finance for Start-Ups in China
  • Execution Is Everything
  • Role of Government in Start-Ups in China
  • Media Time Spent – US vs China
  • What Should I Do if I Want to Learn More? News Sources, Podcasts, etc.

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